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BadKidz is a reflection of our reality. The brand started with an idea to recreate modern style while implementing features and characteristics that compliment all walks of life.

To lead the FIRST record label on the blockchain, the focus for the project will be signing an artist voted by the community as well as equipping them with a Production team to ensure the artist has the proper tools to take the next step in the music industry.

We want to make the joy of music more accessible as well as making the experience personable. Through our community driven approach, we aim to not only provide the community with monetary gains but to also empower members by recognizing their voices matter.



  • A collection of 9000 Troubled youths who made their way on the Blockchain with unique attributes and characteristics that compliment modern reality. 
  • 1000 Animated Genesis NFT’s with additional holders-only perks. 
  • Metaverse land acquisition to build a music venue/club house dedicated to BadKidz investors.
  • Collaborations with established industry professionals.
  • 6 figure budgets for planned giveaways and surprise Airdrops towards our community.
  • Virtual AND Real world utilities.
  • Doxxed Team.

HOW TO GET A genesis

  • By Burning BadKidz NFT’s you will receive an animated “GENESIS” NFT.
  • A “GENESIS” NFT can only be obtained through the burning process or a Secondary Sale. (Reseller)
  • 75% of profits generated through Blockchain Recordz will be redistributed to Genesis holders through various monetary forms.
  • Holding a “GENESIS” NFT will serve as a VIP badge exclusively for Company events.
  • We implemented this feature to reduce the overall supply of our NFT’s therefore making them  scarce while Increasing value. (Supply and Demand) 🔥



The Beginning 👀📈
To us, the community comes first. While the goal is to make our drop as successful as possible, we value the creation of a community that recognizes strength in numbers yet understands how important and powerful their individual voice is. This is gonna be a community voiced project to jumpstart an artist’s music career using our network in the industry. 🔥
Ice Ice Baby 😎💎
  • We open our executive chatroom, a holders-only chat room introducing our founders and A&R (Professional Talent Scout). A&R’s responsibilities include: monitoring and taking recommendations from holders and assembling a select group of qualified candidates.
  • To reward our loyal members with certified diamond hands, 5 Random Holders will get a chance to win a DIAMOND “Blockchain Recordz” CHAIN.
The Badkidz Takeover 🚀🌕

Bear with me cause this is a long one!!

  • Creation of the DAO, a community driven organization where holders will choose through a voting system which artist gets signed to Blockchain Recordz. Holding our NFT generates tokens daily. The more tokens collected, the more say a community member will have when deciding on an artist along with the direction of the project. (These tokens hold no monetary value)
  • $100,000 CASH ADVANCE for the artist with a professional production team. We have hired a team of industry professionals such as: a manager, producer, engineer, and videographer to ensure the artist has the proper tools to take the next step up in the music industry.
  • Purchase a plot of land in the METAVERSE to start developing our unique music venue/club where community members can come hang out and watch performances by artists. As well as a gallery dedicated to promoting our community projects and artworks.
  • The team will go through 2nd round of investments unlocking a 6 FIGURE BUDGET for marketing to make big money moves.
Did Someone Say Giveaways? 🤑💰
  • To celebrate, 10 lucky Discord members will be randomly chosen to win $10,000 EACH ($100,000 in total). To qualify, you must have a Badkidz as your Discord PFP as well as proof of NFT ownership.
  • 1000 lucky Discord members will be randomly chosen to win an EXCLUSIVE “Blockchain Recordz” VINYL. Show your dedication to the project and own a physical work of art to flex on your friends!! Same conditions apply.
  • Release of 1000 GENESIS NFTs which can only be obtained through burning 3 regular NFTs. 75% of profits generated through Blockchain Recordz will be redistributed to Genesis holders through various monetary forms.
Going Nuclear 🤯🔥
  • Our artist will release his first music video featuring a MAJOR ARTIST in the music industry and as voted by the community.
  • Buying back on the least rare NFTs in order to burn them, reducing overall supply. This is our approach to maintaining a stable floor price while establishing our SPA (selling price agreement).
  • Looking into potential partnerships with established labels as well as brands to continue building hype and providing more giveaways and value to our community.

    -Introducing Phase 2 of Blockchain Recordz and the next steps for the future. Forget the moon, we’re going galactic!!


Check out our official gallery and enjoy the first person experience in the Metaverse.
Community requests for new music and art.
free advertising for BadKidz holders.


5 Lucky discord members who hold a BadKidz NFT will have the chance to win a real gold and diamond chain / pendant.💫


1000 lucky Discord members will be randomly chosen to win an EXCLUSIVE “Blockchain Recordz” VINYL. Show your dedication to the project and own a physical work of art to flex on your friends!! Some conditions apply.


our Team


Ceo / visionary


Creative Director


Community Manager


Marketing Expert

sage labs



Music transcends any and all barriers. Other than being the FIRST record label on the blockchain, our goal is developing a community of holders who recognize and are empowered by the fact that their voices matter. We are set on our community approach and will die trying to set a new standard in the music industry that promotes inclusivity. Watch as the artist hand-selected by YOU takes over the music industry. Oh and did we mention utilities? 😉 Your exclusive NFT serves as a membership to an elite club with multiple members-only benefits

Passive income generated through our Genesis NFTs! Look at the Genesis channel for more information.

Long-term holders given access to holder only giveaways and surprise Airdrops

Holders gain access to private channels that include other prominent members in the music industry and mods. Have questions about entering the music industry? Trying to become an influencer on Tik Tok? Or looking to rent out a studio for fun for you and the homies? This is where you want to be.

Your Badkidz_NFT serves as a token to participate in a DAO. Token ownership also comes with governance/voting rights and they can influence decisions in the organization by creating and voting for proposals. This includes decisions about the DAO’s future, how funds are spent, and more. The more tokens a person has, the higher will be their voting power. Furthermore, for a proposal to be passed, it must receive votes from the majority of token holders as well as meet the DAO’s rules and regulations.

Percentage of subsidiaries and secondary sales dedicated to marketing tactics meant to sweep the floor of our least valued NFT in the collection. This ENSURES a stable floor and guarantees you won’t be losing money.  

We have a professional team of developers dedicated to bringing our ideas to life in the Metaverse. Here are a few of the things we look to implement:

After reaching 50% on our roadmap, we will purchase land on the Metaverse for our NFT holders to be able to come and hang out. Come show off your awesome artwork!

Not only will it be an actual club but it will also serve as a music venue for concerts in the Metaverse

Use your Badkidz_NFT as your virtual identity and community membership. Stay tuned!! 

Presale WL Mint (February 10th) 0.08


ETH Public Mint (February 13th) 0.1 ETH

Our Public mint price is 0.1 Ethereum

Our Whitelist mint price is 0.08 Ethereum

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